About Holbrook Motor Village

It's Past

Prior to the park being on this site it was in the 10 Mile Creek Gardens beside the Holbrook Swimming pool. The new park was originally formed and operated on this site back in the early 1980 by the then Holbrook Council. It operated as a mostly permanent & semi-permanent park Council run. ON 1st July 1998 a lease was signed and purchased by the Motor Village Holiday Group. MVHG then transformed the park adding 11 cabins and a pool successful creating a popular tourist park.

After serval years passed the owner of the Motor Village Holiday Group had decided to sell off the Holbrook Motor Village & then also later the Albury Motor Village. The park was then purchased in 2004 by Rob & Anne Martin a couple from Albury with 3 kids Over the next 5 years they had also played a huge part in the development of the park & by the end of their 5 years built a must stop caravan park on the Hume highway.

It's Future

They then had decided it was time to move on and sold the park to Trevor & Sharon Liddell from Melbourne who were looking for a new challenge in park management.

Trevor & Sharon are the current park owner / managers and have been in the park since 7th Sept 2009. Trevor & Sharon working closely with Greater Hume Shire Council are taking the next steps of improving the park and continuing to make the parks reputation unmatchable by rival parks.

With the bypassing of Holbrook completed in August 2013 the park is becoming even more popular for travellers with the easy access into Holbrook and the park from the freeway. The bypass has reduced truck noise and volume through Holbrook making for a better traveller stopover.

In 2016 Caltex built a service centre next to the Holbrook Motor Village. This gave travellers staying with us the opportunity for fuel, a small supermarket, 3 food outlets all next to the park.

In the years we have been running the park improvement and service has been our unending task. Hand in hand with Council guidance and assistance we have made improvements every years. Some of these include new roof on toilet block, raising of nearly every drive through site assisting with the winter conditions under foot, preparations for powered site additions, new power heads through park, assistance with installing tv transmitter into park improving signal since bypass interfered with transmission to park. These are just some and there is more happening as this is written.